August Council Meeting Notes

The August meeting was called to order with the addition of Jonathan Glance to the council.  Council voted to approve the July meeting minutes and the current expenses of the borough.

Solicitor’s report:  The solicitor processed two lien letter requests for the borough.

Parks and Recreation: Council was informed that the pool membership is up significantly year-over-year, totally over 60 memberships.  Also, the singles tennis court is open to anyone interested in playing Pickleball.

Community Center: In an effort to encourage residents to keep the community center clean, a proposal was distributed which would require a refundable security deposit in order to use the facilities.

Roads and Sewers: The Borough Garage is finished, and the Rosslyn Roads storm drainage project is completed.  Additionally, council approved the next street paving project.

Borough council approved funds for the repair of the bell tower, not to exceed $10k.

In other news, the borough is starting to retrieve data from the speed-monitoring device.  You will continue to see it move around the borough.

In addition, the borough website is up and running!