Council Report April 2021

The pool committee proposed to keep the member rates the same as last year. Nonresidents will continue to be charged twice the rate as resident nonmembers. The proposed nonmember resident and guest rates reflect an increase from last year. Charlie and Brad are getting the pool ready for the 5/29 open date. The committee recommends approval to hire up to 10 lifeguards, some of which will serve as fill-ins when needed. The proposal was approved.

A discussion was held regarding obtaining a marker to reflect the birthplace of former PA Governor Dick Thornburgh. The marker will be from private donations and will not cost the borough anything, but a permission form may require consent from the council. The Thornburgh family has already given their permission for the marker. The marker will likely be placed in the triangle area along Rosslyn Road on borough property. A dedication ceremony will be held involving the Thornburgh family and the PA Historical Commission. Council approved in advance to provide permission if needed for the marker.

The updated hazard mitigation plan for Allegheny County was discussed. Adoption of the updated plan is required to receive FEMA funding and assistance. The adoption of the revised hazard mitigation plan was approved.

The proposed agreement with Pennsylvania American Water was discussed. Jordan Tax Service can shut off water for late payment; however, if the property is a rental, the tenant is permitted additional time to contest before the water is shut-off. The updated agreement with PA American Water was approved.

A total of 4 bids were received for the new garbage and recycling service. The current contract with Waste Management expires in June. None of the proposals include glass recycling. The bids were formerly accepted.

A discussion ensued regarding the untimely retrieval of garbage cans and recycle bins after collection. Notices will be placed on garbage cans and bins left along the curb the day after collection. In addition, a reminder will be posted online of the requirement to retrieve the receptacles on the same day of collection.

The poor condition of the split rail fence along Edgecliff was discussed. Sections of the fence need repair or replacement. In addition, the poor condition of the steps leading from Edgecliff to Terrace was discussed. Charlie will be approached about addressing the condition of the split rail fence and the public steps.

The bids for the smoke and fire alarm systems in the community building were reviewed and discussed. Council approved the lowest bid pending a compliance review.

Council obtained a Greenways grant to help fund the work needed on the trail at the top of Edgecliff; the work is set to begin in June. A grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) will be sought to assist with the cost of the renovations of Parrish Park. If obtained, the grant will fully match borough contributions towards the renovation.