Council Report December 2020

The Verizon Franchise Agreement is set for renewal. The boro receives 5% of the revenue generated from business within the boro for using its equipment within the boro right of way. The resolution was passed.

The budget for 2021 was passed. Real estate millage and earned income tax rates remain unchanged and includes pay increases for all boro employees. ALCOSAN rates are increased 7% for 2021 but the fee that the boro charges for collecting this amount remains unchanged.

Council unanimously approved a yearly bonus for each Scott Township police officer and also to each Rosslyn Farms boro employee including the Secretary/Treasurer.

The LED street lights for Pilgrim Road are on a several month back order from Duquesne Light. The boro does not pay up front for the lights or installation but does pay a monthly usage fee. Council will see if there is anything that can expedite the installation due to safety concerns.

There was a long discussion regarding the number of signs along the boro roads. Some of these are from prior traffic calming attempts and others are new being necessary to enforce the truck traffic ordinance. The boro engineers will be consulted to see exactly which signs are necessary and the remaining will be considered for removal.

Tom Bosak resigned from the Zoning Board and Nicole Fiorentino was approved as his replacement. Council thanked Tom for his service.