Council Report – July

by Marty O’Toole

The meeting was called to order with approval of the prior meeting’s minutes.

Citizens Forum

1. The lane behind 306 through 318 Kings Highway is assumed to be a private road. A resident was questioning what would be required if it was decided to pave a section, in particular that section which is behind the residents property. The solicitor will investigate and provide a response.

Solicitor’s report

1. Made the recommendation that council approve the ordinance authorizing the ability to charge fees for the use of community assets including the soccer fields. Passed unanimously. The ordinace does not set the fees, only the right to do so.

2. Provided to council the non binding comments returned from the County planning commission regarding the ammended zoning ordinance governing RVs, Trailers and Fences on private property. Council concluded that the ammendments as originally drafted would be approved.

3. The proposed amended ordinance governing brush, grass and weeds on private property was adopted and will again be advertised for public comment prior to council approval.

4. The proposed amended ordinance governing temporary dumpsters on private property and public property was adopted and will be advertised for public comment prior to council approval. A permit will now be required for any temporary dumpster located on private or public property with the time period increased from 14 days to 30 days. Periods greater than 30 days can be approved up to a maximum of 90 days within one 12 month period. There will be no fee associated with this permit.

Engineer’s report

The paperwork has been submitted for reimbursement of certain expenses related to the sewer work.

Mayor’s report

Although there are no hard numbers, it appears that truck traffic through the boro has been reduced. Communication between the boro and Amazon is ongoing.

Secretary\Treasurer report

1, All current expenses were approved except one that was deemed to require clarification.

2. A meeting with the boro auditor is scheduled to reconicle the financials to the date that Dorothy Falk assumed the position.

Community Center roof repairs have been completed. Once the boro engineer’s have signed off, the invoice for work will be approved for payment,

The next meeting is scheduled for August 12, 2019 7:00 PM