Council Report June 2020

June 8, 2020
By Marty O’Toole

A resident appeared before council to discuss recurring damage to the cars parked along Pilgrim Road from drivers making the bend and veering too far right. Council has approved some additional measures to alert drivers to where they are on the road. A second resident spoke regarding continued truck traffic after dark. Any sightings of combination truck traffic should be reported to 911 along with any identifying license plate or DOT registration information.

Solicitors report – there were no objections raised from the advertisement of the amended solid waste ordinance regarding yard waste being dumped onto born property. Except for the purpose of making it accessible for pickup, dumping any yard waste anywhere onto born property is now illegal. Grass clippings cannot be collected by the born nor can it be dumped onto born property.

The Community Center is again open for rentals. A revised rental agreement has been drafted with a hold harmless clause regarding Covid-19 infections and specifies the clean up responsibility to the licensee. Capacity is limited to groups of 50 people or less.

The soccer field, swimming pool and other born facilities are again open but with posted guidelines. Charlie and Brad did an amazing job of repairing and grouting the pool surface, often working well into the evening to get it completed. Work will begin soon on the tennis court resurfacing.

A motion was approved to move the municipal property coverage to another carrier since the price for the same coverage is significant. The liability carrier will remain the same.

The ongoing Wet Weather project requiring at least 10% of the municipal sewer lines being recorded and repaired is scheduled for year 2020. The street department will work with the born engineers to identify those areas that should be a priority.