Council Report- June

by Marty O’Toole

The meeting was called to order and council immediately went into an Executive Session to discuss and approve the new Personnel Policy Manual.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved and expenses approved for payment.

Council continues to review the local ordinances for relevance including those pertaining Abandoned Junk Vehicles; building and permitting of Accessory Structures; Brush, Grass and Weed maintenance; Zoning for fences and RV’s; Temporary Dumpsters regarding placement and duration; and Fees for Use of Parks and Recreational Facilities. The later requires advertising of a public meeting and the secretary was authorized to do so.

The Mayor’s report was posted in the Last Word.

In 2017 a grant was applied for to get some degree of reimbursement from the GROW program sponsored by ALCOSAN. Having initially not been awarded, there are new monies available and the boro engineers have been authorized to resubmit the original application.

The sewer drain replacement in the soccer field is completed in addition to top seeding to replace the grass disturbed by construction and general use. Guidelines outlining permitted use of the soccer fields are being developed to prevent the type of damage recently incurred to the field surface.

The Community Center roof is scheduled for replacement and discussions are ongoing with the contractor to outline the scope of necessary work.