Council Report – March 2020

By Jim Gregory

The meeting was called to order by President Steve Tassaro at 7 pm.

Minutes from February 10th meeting were approved as amended.

Citizen’s Forum: Nothing to report.

Mayor’s Report: Scott Township Police Chief is retiring effective 5/1/2020. Podsialy will serve as Acting Chief. The Thornburg Bridge will be under construction beginning in the Spring of 2020.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: Expenses for the regular monthly bills, as well as painting of the community center, and for the maintenance building were approved.

Community Facilities Committee: The Community Center subcommittee established goals to address ongoing improvement, promotion, and revenue enhancement.

Finance and Grants Committee: A grant-writing seminar for local communities to be held at the community center in late April 2020.

Human Resources Committee: The hiring process for lifeguards at the pool will begin soon.

Infrastructure Committee: An engineer inspected the sunken ground behind the installed retaining wall along Angora. The problem may be due to drainage and is being addressed. The retaining wall was installed by the tennis courts. A decision needs to be made regarding fencing along the retaining wall at the tennis courts. The surface of the tennis courts require maintenance to comply with the manufacturers warranty.

Parks and Recreation Committee: Bids on tennis court repair/maintenance are being obtained. A motion was approved to allow Carlynton High School to use the tennis courts with a signed rental agreement and proof of insurance. A discussion was held regarding developing a master plan for improving public spaces within the community. A request for bids from local architectural firms will be developed.

Old Business: There are no updates on walking trail at the end of Edgecliff.

New Business: The various committees are asked to develop a list of goals and objectives to provide a framework for their monthly reports to council. A discussion was held regarding burning within the borough. The borough does not have a fire ordinance, but Allegheny County does. Deer crossing signs for the borough have been ordered and will be installed throughout the community.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 PM.