Council Report November 2019

Council Report – November
by Marty O’Toole

The regular meeting was called to order.

Scott Police Chief Jim Secreet opened with a few comments regarding the upcoming police contract renewal for years 20-21. In response was the concern of police presence during the school bus hours and the continued combination truck issue. The Chief assured us that the coverage received during school bus hours is the same for every other community served by Scott. The new contract was approved and includes a 2% increase for each of the next two years.

It was agreed that even a continuous presence on Rosslyn Road would not keep trucks from entering as the GPS used are the same for cars with little regard for combination truck signage. The Chief did, however, offer a solution to provide increased coverage during school bus hours. This would involve the boro and Scott Police entering into a separate agreement whereby officers either at the beginning of their shift or at the end, would dedicate a two-hour time slot to patrol only in the boro. A committee was established to investigate the hours that could best fall into this arrangement and the additional cost to the boro for this service. This arrangement would in no way alter the new agreement just approved.

Citizens Forum
I. A resident spoke in favor of keeping the affected portion of the Edgecliff path open for residents. Although the council was willing to make the necessary repairs to the landslide, it was determined that most of the affected area is private property. If the property owners are willing to cede a portion of their boundaries to the boro, then the council could move ahead with repairs now and in the future. One of the affected property owners was in attendance and was agreeable to this as a solution. A committee was established with two council members and a private citizen to look into the mechanics of the boro acquiring the land.

Engineer’s report
No bids were received for installing the guard rails along Angora Lane. Several contractors were approached outside of the bid process and costs subsequently received did not meet the minimum threshold as required for advertising anyhow. A bid was approved with work to commence in December 2019.

Mayor’s report
PennDOT is installing another sign on the Parkway announcing that there is no combination truck traffic permitted to Route 60 via the Rosslyn Farms exit.

Secretary/Treasurer report
I. The 2020 budget is nearly complete. Approval of the budget and the 2020 schedule for public council meetings will be advertised and is to be voted on at the December 20 I 9 meeting.

2. ALCOSAN will be increasing the fee for residential customers beginning January I, 2020. The increase will be passed along to residents by Jordan Tax Service. The boro pays ALCOSAN quarterly for sewer charges and gets reimbursed monthly by the residents.

Committee Reports
I. Parks/Recreation. A new retaining wall was discussed for the tennis courts.

2. Community Center. Approval of a new stove for the kitchen was made to replace the existing unit.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 9, 2019, at 7:00 PM