Council Report November 2020

By Marty O’Toole

A Public Hearing was held on the proposed ordinance regulating short term rentals within the borough. The resident who initially brought this concern to council spoke in support of the regulation and thanked council for their efforts. The ordinance cannot prohibit rentals but municipalities are permitted to regulate the conditions with which they can occur. The ordinance regulating short term rentals was put before council by the solicitor and passed unanimously.

Finance Committee- discussion centered primarily on the proposed budget for 2021.
The millage assessment for 2021 is to remain unchanged and revenues are projected to remain stable.
Expense items of note are monies to install new LED street lighting through out the borough; Community Center improvements including a fire alarm system, upgraded interior and exterior lighting along with previously proposed roof repairs. Additional sewer work, street repairs and monies to replace the tree canopy resulting from the recent tree work in Parrish Park was also discussed. The budget will be advertised before being adopted.

Traffic calming along Pilgrim Road is to include 3 new LED street lights on existing poles and a right arrow sign located at the top of Rosslyn Road visible to uphill traffic.

Council went into an Executive Session to discuss personal matters.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 14th, 7PM.

For the month of December due to the current Covid situation, we’re going to do a remote meeting on Zoom. Anyone who wants to join can email Dorothy at and they will be provided a link to join.