Council Report-October 2020

October 12, 2020
by Brandon Hall

President Steve Tassaro called the meeting to order at 7pm. Minutes from the prior meeting were approved.

Applications- Council approved a two-month extension of Isabel Ford’s term on the Zoning Hearing Board. The three year term was due to expire in October, and will now run to the end of this year. Additionally, Isabel will be the designated License Agreements Signer for the near future. Appointment for the Planning Commission was delayed to later in the month.

Mayor’s Report- The Honorable Jim Stover proposed finding a family in the Borough to oversee the raising and lowering of the flag in Parrish Park. Council agreed to seek out volunteers to bring forward at the next meeting.

Old Business- Council sent a request for the follow-up regarding the Edgecliff Grant earlier in the month and is waiting for a response. The Borough will be receiving a separate federal grant of $20,000 to allocate towards Edgecliff trail repairs.

Three new LED streetlights will be installed on Pilgrim through an LED conversion program at no cost to the Borough. Installation is scheduled for the end of November.

Council continued discussion on the parking issues between Pilgrim, Terrace, and Edgecliff, It was determined that while permits are no longer enforced on Edgecliff, residents do not have any inherent ownership of the parking space in front of their property. Council will continue discussions on potential solutions in the next meeting.

Council approved Borough application fees for permit applications. $25 for Residential applications, and $150 for Commercial. More information can be found on the Borough website.

The meeting was adjourned and Council went into executive session.