Council Report March 2021

The meeting was called to order at 7pm – all prior meeting minutes were approved.

Dave Kovac from LSSE presented the results from the Borough street sign analysis. Signs were mapped and categorized based on overall condition and relevance to location, and data will be used to prioritize repairs and/or replacements. Council plans to meet with the Borough staff to address any necessary changes.

Dan McDowell and Jack LaQuatra from LaQuatra Bonce Landscape Architects were present at the meeting and presented a proposal for renovations and additions to Parrish Park. Council plans to review the proposal and continue discussions with LaQuatra Bonce for potential future work.

Council passed a motion to approve the transition of all Borough streetlights to LED (recently installed on Pilgrim), with costs not to exceed $4300.

Old Business: Council reviewed bids for fire alarm system installation for the Community Center and will continue discussions to determine the best option.

Council reviewed proposals from Bartlett Tree for maintenance and work for trees in Parrish Park, including disease treatment and prevention as well as fertilization.

Council will be sponsoring lifeguard certification classes prior to opening the Borough pool for 2021. More details will be shared in the April meeting.

Waste Management is no longer accepting glass items for recycling pickup. Council discussed potential options that include designated glass recycling pickup locations shared between Rosslyn Farms, Crafton, and Thornburg. Council will be seeking public opinions on the best approach and will be sharing more details in the coming month.