Park, Tennis Courts, and Soccer Field

Parrish Park in Rosslyn Farms

Parrish Park

A shady greenspace with many mature trees, playground equipment and picnic tables. It's a perfect way to spend a beautiful Western Pennsylvania day!

Parrish Park is also home to memorials honoring those residents who served our country in the wars of the 20th century, and the park's fire circle is the site of Rosslyn Farms' annual Christmas Eve Carol Sing.

For more information or to obtain a Parrish Park fire permit, please e-mail the Borough at or call 412-312-0343.


Tennis Courts

Tennis is also a popular sport in Rosslyn Farms' with well-maintained tennis courts that are well used by young and old alike. The Tennis Commission is pleased to announce that the tennis courts are open to resident and non-resident paying members and their guests. Guests MUST be accompanied by a member when using the courts. Membership dues must be paid before using the courts. Once the dues are received, the combination to the lock will be sent to the new member. A list of paying members will be posted on the gate.

Tennis Court Application


Soccer Field

Rosslyn Farms has a ball/soccer field that is available to residents and community groups. The Soccer Assocation schedules youth soccer games regularly for its residents.

For more information or to rent the ball/soccer field, please e-mail the Borough at or call 412-312-0343.