April Police Activity Report 2020

May 1, 2020 brought a change in leadership to the Scott Township Police Department. James Screet retired as Chief of the police department and was appointed as Police Superintendent. At the same time, Sgt. Matthew Podsiadly was promoted to Chief of Police. Chief Podsiadly is a 16 year veteran of the Scott Twp. Police Department and is a graduate of the prestigious FBI Academy.

I am confident that Chief Podsiadly will continue to provide the same exceptional service which we have experienced under
Chief Secreet.

Police calls were again fairly minimal in April. Police responded to one false alarm at a residence.Also, while on patrol, an officer discovered and moved a tree that had fallen across Kings Hwy.

He then notified Charlie of the situation. In another incident, police responded to a call about shots being heard on Rosslyn Road. Police talked to four individuals with each person describing the event differently and with each person feeling the sound come from different locations. Police investigated the area and no evidence was found. Scott Police also responded to an accidental 911 call. Residents, and especially young children, should be aware that anytime a 911 call is received, even if it is a hang-up, police will immediately respond to investigate. Lastly, please remember to keep your vehicles, doors and ground level windows locked.T here has been a rash of thefts from unlocked cars in a nearby borough. If you see anything suspicious, please call 91 I. Stay safe.

Jim Stover, Mayor