April Police Activity Report

In early April, one resident reported a possible burglary. A rear window was broken but there didn’t seem to be anything missing. A contractor has been working in the house that day and left several hours before the resident arrived home and found the window broken. The next day the resident reported to police that several items were discovered missing. The Scott Twp. detective is investigating. There were three false alarms responded to during the month and an accident in which a car and driver hit a tree. Multiple officers responded to a domestic situation in the borough and four trucks were stopped for violating the new combination truck ordinance. The drivers were cited with a citation that carries a maximum fine of $500. One resident reported to police that they had several items stolen from some open land they own in the borough. And finally, police investigated several different calls concerning suspicious persons. In all cases, the person was gone when police arrived.

Jim Stover, Mayor