Police Activity Report August 2020

August Police Activity Report

With two exceptions, August was a typical month with respect to police activity. There were the normal false alarms, trees down in the roadway, and a tractor-trailer ignoring the signs. The first exception involves what may have been an attempted break-in. A resident reported that the screen on a kitchen window had been lifted approximately 6″. Upon investigation, it could not be determined if someone had attempted to remove the screen or if the screen’s condition was simply due to normal wear and tear. In any event, no entrance was made. The important point here is that the resident stated that they always keep their doors and windows closed and locked when not at home. If someone did try to enter the house, this habit kept the resident safe. The final incident involved an Allegheny County SWAT team forcefully entering a residence in order to serve an arrest warrant issued by the Pittsburgh Police. The arrest was made without resistance. Scott Twp. police were involved only to the extent that they were informed that this arrest was to be made. Stay safe and lock your cars and houses.

Jim Stover, Mayor