December Police Activity Report

The borough has erected the “No Combination Truck” signs and Scott Twp. police are making a concerted effort to enforce the new ordinance and are hoping that the word spreads among the numerous truck drivers who use the parkway. The ordinance prohibits any combination truck from exiting the Parkway and traveling down Rosslyn Road. However, the ordinance only prohibits trucks over 43 feet from turning onto Kings Highway from Baldwin Road. Numerous citations have been issued with fines up to $500.00. Tractor trailers using borough roads also face the danger of getting stuck and needing tow trucks to get them out. One truck got stuck on Old Farm Road and ended up paying the towing company about $4000.oo to get them back on the road they should never have been on in the first place. Expensive lesson learned.

Other complaints to police involved a report of an online fraudulent use of a credt card and a report of a suspicious person taking pictures of borough houses. And finally, a reminder. I recently had a conversation with our local district justice who told me that there has been a rash of thefts from cars in area communities. In all cases, the cars were unlocked. Please keep your cars and homes locked, Thieves tend to pick the easiest targets.

Jim Stover, Mayor