February Police Activity Report 2020

Scott Twp. Police and the Crafton V.F.D. responded to three fire alarm calls during February. One alarm was caused by steam from a shower, one from birthday candles and the third from a culinary mishap. Others calls included:

A disturbance call due to a domestic dispute where one person was intentionally locked outside the house. This event happened well before social distancing.

Police freed a deer that was stuck in a soccer net at the field.

Two unfounded burglar alarms were responded to, one at a residence and one in the Industrial Park.

A suspicious vehicle in a residential driveway resulted in the car being towed because it matched the description of a car wanted by Pittsburgh and Robinson Twp. police.

During the current pandemic crisis, Scott Twp. police may respond to calls in a little different manner. If the call is for an emergency condition, they will come. If the call involves a matter that is able to be reported and resolved over the phone, they may have an officer call and then respond if necessary. As every case, call 911 to report the problem. As you realize, our first responders are under added stress while the pandemic exists. Be patient and remember that they will always have your best interest in mind. Stay safe!

Jim Stover, Mayor