February Police Activity Report 2021

Police calls in February were limited to two false burglar alarms at the same house, one welfare check with everyone being fine, and a tractor trailer complaint with the truck gone upon police arrival.

The local news stations have reported several communities being hit by individuals entering and sometimes stealing UNLOCKED cars. In past years, this has been a problem in Rosslyn Farms. In addition, with the nicer weather coming, people tend to leave first-floor windows either open or unlocked. This facilitates residential burglaries at night and even in the daytime. This too has happened several times in the past years in the borough. Please protect yourselves and your property by locking your cars and securing your doors and windows at night and when you are not at home. One of the worst things I can imagine is walking into your home or waking up at night and finding a burglar in your home. This also has happened in Rosslyn Farms. We are one of the safest communities in Allegheny County thanks to our police and you can help keep it that way.

Jim Stover, Mayor