February Police Activity Report

Most of the calls Scott Township police responded to in February were to assist Robinson EMS and the Crafton VFD. Two calls were to assist Robinson EMS with medical emergencies and several calls were to assist Firemen with downed power line calls as a result of the storms. The police also investigated a door-to-door salesman who was soliciting without a license. Generally speaking, solicitors must have a permit before going door-to-door. Exceptions to the ordinance are given for religious, political, or student canvassing. A downed utility line should never be touched. Police and Firemen will never touch a downed power line, usually even if it has fallen on a car. They are trained to wait for the power company to cut the line. A downed power line, even if it is not sparking, may still be energized. The system also periodically sends a charge through the line as a test. If you touch what appears to be a deal line, you may be shocked when it is periodically recharged. During the last storm, one downed power line on Alden was “guarded” by a Duquesne Light representative for several days, 24 hours a day, because it was still energized. In short, never touch a downed utility line, even if you think it is only a phone or cable line. If you are wrong, it could be deadly.

Jim Stover, Mayor