July Police Activity Report

– The majority of calls the Scott police responded to in July involved false alarms. There were a total of nine false alarm activations, seven in residences and two in the industrial park. Of the residential calls, three were to the same house. Residents should be aware that Rosslyn Farms has an ordinance that can assess a charge of $50.00 for each false alarm. To date, no one has been assessed the charge.

– Scott police also assisted EMS on two calls and the Crafton Volunteer Fire Department on another.

– Several 911 calls were received concerning tractor trailers violating the truck ordinance but the trucks had exited the borough by the time police responded.

Never hesitate to call 911 when you need to talk to the police, EMS or fire department. When the 911 dispatcher asks for the nature of the emergency, simply state that it isn’t an emergency but that you need to speak to an officer. Have a safe Autumn (a safe Fall sounds like an oxymoron) and remember to watch for stopped school buses and to keep your houses and cars locked.

Jim Stover, Mayor