Police Activity Report June 2021

On two separate occasions in June, Scott Police responded to incidents just off the Parkway where a male and email were arguing outside of a car. In both cases, everyone was gone upon the arrival of the police. There were also three false burglar alarms, one at a residence and two in the Industrial Park. Both Scott Police and the Crafton VFD responded to a call about a tree branch falling on power lines. The Crafton VFD stayed at the scene until Duquesne Light responded. One final notable call concerned a deer with its head stuck in a fence. Again, when the police arrived the suspect was gone. During the last several months, several surrounding communities have been plagued with car burglaries, All of these thefts were from UNLOCKED cars. One suspect was apprehended when a resident observed someone checking car handles to see if they were unlocked. 911 as called, the suspect was arrested, and numerous crimes were solved.