May Police Activity Report

May was a relatively busy month for police activity in the borough. In all, 30 reportable incidents occurred. There were a number of false fire and burglar alarms, both in the industrial area and also in the residential areas of the borough. Police assisted a resident with a sick raccoon call and another reporting a rabid opossum which was gone upon arrival of the officer. Scott Police investigated a two-car accident involving a young driver that hit a parked car. Both cars were towed. Police and the Crafton Volunteer Fire Department responded to a residential electrical fire in which there was minimal damage. The police also responded to a domestic dispute with no arrests being made. Tractor-trailers continue to ignore obvious signs that prohibit them in the borough. Police have responded to numerous 911 calls that end up with the truck being gone upon their arrival. When a truck is stopped by the police, they are cited with an ordinance violation with a maximum fine of $500.00. One truck was stopped and it was determined that the driver had a revoked commercial drivers license. The truck was towed.

I have been fortunate to establish a dialogue with an Amazon executive. As a result, Amazon has notified all of their carriers that they are to observe all local traffic regulations and that violations will have consequences. The executive even came to Pittsburgh and drove through our borough and concluded that the signs were totally adequate. In a recent incident at the end of June, an Amazon truck was impounded by police. I emailed a report to Amazon and shortly thereafter received a phone call from Amazon. I was advised that the owner of the impounded tractor was reprimanded and the driver was suspended. Amazon id as frustrated as we are but will continue to do everything possible to keep Amazon truck drivers to obey the signs and Scott Police will continue to do an excellent job in enforcing our ordinance.

Jim Stover, Mayor