September 2018

Scott Twp. police responded to a total of four alarms, all of which were set off accidentally. They responded to one fire alarm that was activated by a cooking accident and to three animal complaints about an angry red hen which was never there when the officers arrived. There were also three separate police responses of note:

A resident discovered a hand grenade in the woods behind his house. Scott Police responded, sent a picture to the Allegheny County Bomb Squad who responded. The bomb squad removed the device and determined that it was a training grenade that was not live. It also appears to have been there for many years.

A non-resident was charged with a DUI after he ran into a tree on Rosslyn Road. Due to injuries, he was transported to the hospital and was charged several days later.

A resident awoke in the middle of the night and saw a man standing in the hallway. The individual exited the house and 911 was called. The first officer went to the residence and then other three officers on duty set up a perimeter around the area around the area to contain the suspect. Additional officers from Carnegie, Green Tree and Allegheny County also responded and established a tighter perimeter. A K-9 from Robinson Township was brought in and it tracked the suspect to an area back yard where he was attempting to hide. He resisted arrest and was taken into custody. Police determined that there was no forcible entry into the home. The suspect was charged with burglary-no force, resisting arrest and drug possession.

Please lock your cars and doors and report any suspicious activity by calling 911. Some people are hesitant to call 911 unless it is a “true” emergency. However, anytime police or other emergency responders need to be contacted for any reason, call 911.

Jim Stover, Mayor