January Police Activity Report 2020

January was another month with just a few calls for police assistance. Scott Police assisted the Crafton VFD with drowned power lines and Robinson EMS with a sick resident. They responded when a resident claimed their garage door opened on its own and to a vehicle accident in the Industrial Park when a forklift hit a car. Scott Police also assisted another police department who was looking for a hit and run vehicle that was registered to a Rosslyn Farms address.

As the weather breaks, we start to work in our yards. A common tactic is for burglars to drive around and look for people working in their yards with the garage door and front door open. The criminals will go around the block and enter the back yard, sneak around the side of the building and enter the garage without the resident noticing. They then enter the house and quickly steal items and then exit the back door. Sometimes an accomplice will walk down the street and start a conversation in order to distract the resident while the burglar enters through the garage. This has happened in Rosslyn Farms several times in the past and happened to me when I was living in another community. Please be aware of your surroundings, keep windows and doors locked, and keep an eye on your neighbors. Let’s enjoy our community and do everything possible to keep it one of the safest in Allegheny County.

Jim Stover, Mayor