January Police Activity Report 2021

During January, Scott Township Police responded to two residential false fire alarm activations and one residential false burglar alarm activation. They also helped an elderly man who seemed to be confused and helped him safely return to his home in another borough. One very unfortunate incident involved a resident being scammed into purchasing $6500.00 in gift cards. Officers were able to stop $6000.00 of the transactions but the resident did lose $500.00 from a moneygram that was sent. These crimes are often committed by individuals in foreign countries and the money is never recovered. Never hesitate to question any phone call or e-mail that requests that you send money or purchase gift cards or ask for your bank information. Even if it appears that the person knows you or someone in your family, never buy or send gift cards without asking for the person’s phone number and calling them back. If anything seems strange, call the police. Don’t allow anyone to embarrass you into falling for a scam.

Jim Stover, Mayor