October Police Activity Report 2019

Scott Township Police responded to the following calls during October.

-Five combination trucks were stopped and cited during October. One Truck turned on Winthrop and went all the way to the end. The driver claimed his GPS told him the road was not a dead end. The police told him to ignore the GPS and obey the signs. He was cited and it was necessary to have a tow truck help him out. It took the police several hours to get him backed out. The tow truck cost him over $1,000.00.

-Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute which resulted in one of the parties being arrested for public drunkenness.

-Two calls were received over a property line dispute between neighbors. A survey will resolve the issue.

-A report of a barking dog that was gone upon police arrival

Preventable tractor-trailer accidents have happened on several occasions over the last several years. Now residents are moving their belongings into their new homes by using large moving vans. Most streets are not accessible to large moving vans. Since neither the old resident or new resident advised the moving company of the situation, a large moving van arrives and either knocks down signs or has to call for a smaller truck. If you sell your house, please advise the new owner or the real estate agent of the limited access to many of our streets.

Jim Stover, Mayor