Council Report-September 2020

September 14, 2020
by Brandon Hall

The meeting was called to order with Dave Robb presiding while Steve
Tassaro was out of town.

Council proceeded first with the public forum portion of the meeting.
A resident raised the issue of parking on Terrace Road, claiming that
residents from other streets are parking in the Terrace parking lot. The
resident asked council to consider making the Terrace parking lot permit
only and for the benefit of only Terrace residents, as they have no other
options in most cases. Other residents noted that on-street parking on
Pilgrim street is hazardous, forcing Pilgrim residents to find other options
(including the Terrace parking lot). A council member noted that there is
permit parking on Edgecliff, but that the permits are not enforced. The
permits were initially implemented due to the bus stop that is no longer on

A traffic engineer from Gibson-Thomas Engineering presented his findings
regarding traffic hazards on Pilgrim. To slow cars coming up Rosslyn Road,
and allow them to better navigate the turn near the community pool, the
engineer suggested the placement of speed-minding signs, creating a
concrete “bump-out” (a curb extension) to protect parked cars, clearing
overgrowth near the turn to improve visibility, and constructing a crosswalk
across Pilgrim near the pool which would lead to a sidewalk on the
opposite side of the street. A council member suggested adding LED streetlights
near the turn to improve visibility.
Council approved a motion to add two LED streetlights on Pilgrim. Council
resolved to discuss the permit parking issue further during the next

A council member suggested that the Borough charge a fee for approval of
a building permit: $25 for residential and $150 for commercial applicants.
Council noted that currently the building permit applications are only
provided to the third-party contractor, so Council does not have insight into
what building permits are applied for and approved. Council agreed to
consider this suggestion to allow oversight of the permitting process.
An update was provided on the grant application to help fund the reconstruction
of the Edgecliff trail. Council expects that, due to COVID-related
delays, the state will not announce its decision on the grant until spring
2021. Council also discussed the possibility of a public appeal to fund the

Regarding waste and recycling, a council member raised that Waste
Management is no longer accepting glass recycling. Thornburg is sponsoring
a traveling glass recycling program at its borough building from
October 17-22. Rosslyn Farms residents are encouraged to participate.
Council approved the appointment of Rich Meyer to fill the vacancy on the
Planning Commission. A council member noted that an additional vacancy
on the Planning Commission is expected and that Council should look for
additional candidates.

Finally, Council resolved that Halloween will proceed as planned.

The public portion of the meeting was ended and Council went on to meet
in Executive Session.