July 2018

During July, Scott Twp. police received two unconfirmed reports of possible PFA violations in the borough.  They also responded with the Crafton VFD to one false fire alarm in a residence and also a wires down call in the industrial park.  Police also investigated the theft of some commercial batteries in the industrial park and an aggressive dog in the industrial area.  The dog was not located.  Police responded to a resident who reported hearing six shots behind his home.  The police investigated and discovered the sound was fireworks.  Police were also notified of a dead possum in a residents back yard.  The situation was handled by Charlie.  On July 23 the unauthorized residents of 318 Rosslyn Rd. were finally evicted by Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies.  I saw two of the individuals walking over the parkway and shortly thereafter mentioned it to Chief Secreet.  I described the individuals and was advised that there was a warrant out on one of the individuals.  A few minutes later, one of the individuals was arrested by Scott police as he walked down the ramp and was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.  The next day a neighbor called 911 when they saw people again in 318 Rosslyn Rd. Police responded and found an individual in the house.  He stated the the recently arrested former resident, who was his friend, had called him from jail and told him to go and take a bed frame from the house.  This individual was arrested for burglary and ultimately was reunited with his friend at the Allegheny County Jail.

Residents should never hesitate to call 911 when they see something suspicious.  The police are much more effective when there is community involvement.

Jim Stover, Mayor