March Police Activity Report 2020

Fortunately March was another month of minimal police calls for the borough. Scott police responded to one false burglar alarm in the industrial park and one at a residence. They also responded to the raccoon that was reportedly sick. The officers determined that the raccoon didn’t seem to be sick so it was allowed to flee into the woods.

A car traveling up lower Rosslyn Road failed to maneuver the turn and crashed into a tree by the pool. The driver claimed that another car sideswiped him and made him crash. Police determined that there was no sign of damage to the car except from the front end that hit the tree. There was no wreckage on the roadway or skid marks so police determined that it was a one car accident. The driver was transported to the hospital for a hip injury and blood was drawn under the suspicion that the driver was DUI.

In a recent incident, a resident reported that a firearm was stolen sometime during or since January of this year. Nothing was reported to the police until this month. An investigation found that the door to the house was found open earlier in the year and at about the same time, two strangers were seen on the front porch. When yelled at by a neighbor, the strangers fled. Both of these incidents should have prompted a call to 911 but did not. These incidents were just recently reported when the firearm was found to be missing. Incidents such as this really frustrate the police. If you see anything out of the ordinary, call 911 immediately. Stay safe.

Jim Stover, Mayor